Treatment Time: 20 minutes

Downtime: None

Results Seen: 10-14 days

Results Duration: 4-6 months plus

Common Side Effects: Bruising, redness, mild swelling

Price: From £149

Procedure performed by: a NHS Consultant with many years of experience performing cosmetic treatments.

Aftercare Service: 24-hour personalised aftercare service by a NHS Consultant.

A high arching eyebrow shape is considered to be a desirable feature. Our genetic makeup determines the shape of our eyebrows, however with strategic injection of cosmetic botox, we can achieve a gentle lift to the lateral eyebrow to create a arch depending on our desired aesthetic look.



Eye-brow lift is also known as a forehead lift and raises the brows and can help with sagging brows, low brows or asymmetrical brows. The procedure involves injecting cosmetic botox.


You will restore the natural arch in your eyebrow and reduce sagging in your upper eyelids. The appearance of crows feet will also be reduced.


Treatment lasts approximately 20 minutes. Results are seen approximately 10-14 days post treatment and last 4-6 months.


You can expect mild swelling and bruising at the injection site; this should subside within a few hours. You can expect to resume normal activities on the same day.


Injections can cause mild discomfort; however, this lasts seconds. Numbing cream can be applied ensuring comfort during the treatment.